Riven Rock Farm

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From the Top of Virginia to Your Table

Home of Heritage Galloway Cattle, Katahdin Sheep and

Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs


Riven Rock Farm is located in beautiful Highland County, Virginia.  We strive to offer a place where the wild meets agriculture, a place where healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are priorities over monocultures and dollars. 

Our mission at Riven Rock Farm is to develop and nurture a holistic, sustainable mountain farm- and to share our products, services and experiences with like-minded people.

We raise heritage breed Galloway beef cattle (Belted and Solid colors), Katahdin Hair Sheep, Gloucestershire Old Spot and Tamworth pigs, and free range laying hens.  Our  Galloway beef and Katahdin lamb are delicious, healthy and 100% Grass Fed products.   Our pastured pigs are raised in our hardwood forests and mountain pastures, allowing them to forage, root, and roam.

Riven Rock is comprised of 700 acres of hardwood forests, mountain meadows, and high sweeping pastures. The old celtic word "Riven" means- to split or shatter- and we certainly have our share of split rock formations, cliffs and caves here in our forests and ridges.

Located at close to 3,000 feet in elevation, our summer temperatures are a refreshing change from the "lowlands". Come stay with us at Laurel Run Cabin, or our new Rainbow Springs retreat lodge and refresh your spirit while you enjoy the farm and the surrounding Highlands of Virginia.



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