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Highland Custom Sawmilling

Highland Custom Sawmilling
We offer custom sawmill services with our Woodmizer mobile sawmill.  With over 10 years of sawing experience, we can help you turn your logs into beautiful, band-sawed lumber.  

At Riven Rock Farm, we also manage a 100 acre woodlot for sustainable forest products, and can fulfill special lumber orders on occasion.  We regularly saw hemlock, pine, oak, cherry, hickory and even antique chestnut logs.  Call us for unique hardwood lumber, or that special mantle or beam.

Our mill is equipped with hydraulics to lift logs, and computer set-works for accurate cuts.

Our LT40HD Woodmizer mill can handle up to 32 inch diameter logs, 20 feet long.

Mobile Sawmill Rates
One time $25 travel and set-up fee within a 30 mile radius of Monterey VA.  $2 per mile additional charge outside of radius.

Mobile Sawing Services:
$48 per hour

Usually our customers provide someone on-site with us to pull lumber.  This increases production.

Minimum – 5 hours of work.

With decent logs, we average between 175-300 board feet an hour.  

Other Forest Products at Riven Rock
Firewood- cordwood and slab wood available
Kindling Packs

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