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Pastured Heritage Pork

After loads of requests from our customers- we are excited to add a heritage breed pastured pork operation to Riven Rock Farm.  We will be utilizing Gloucestershire Old Spots and Tamworths, to create a succulent, well marbled, healthy pork offering.  If you have ever tried heritage pork, its almost impossible to revert back to industrial pork.

Lou Ann and Old Spot Sows

Our pigs live in a pasture and forest infrastructure.  This includes acres of clover and orchard grass pasture and many acres of mixed oak and hickory tree woodlots.  The pigs graze the lush pasture, and then forage the woodlots in the fall finishing out on acorn and hickory nut mast.  We also feed them loads of orchard drop apples.  In the winter we supplement their nutrition with a non-GMO locally grown feed mix formulated for sows.  All these factors create a superior pork that is sweet, marbled and healthy for you.

USDA Heritage Pork Cuts per pound:

Ground pork breakfast sausage 6.49

Sweet Italian and spicy Italian Brats  7.99

Smoked Bacon  8.99

Ground Pork 5.99

Pork Belly  7.99

Hams (bone in)  7.99

Ham Steaks 7.99

Shoulders ( butts and picnic roasts, 5-12lbs)  7.99

Thick cut Pork Chops (bone in, packs of 2 or 4)  10.99

Short Ribs (Baby Back) 7.99

Spare Ribs 7.99

Tenderloin (1-2lbs)  14.99

Soup Bones/Neck Bones 3.99

Liver/Heart/Kidneys/Jowl 4.99

Hocks 4.99

Fat Back & Tongue 3.99

Custom Whole/Half Pig by hanging weight $4.50 lb.+ customer pays Alleghany Meats processor





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