From the Top of Virginia- Bringing convenience to our customers

December 11, 2017


Buying clean, local, pastured meats and local farm products from the top of Virginia needs to easier.  We have learned this over the last five years, as our farm has grown and shaped itself into a viable, fertile production model. 

 But let’s face it, Highland County, for all its stunning beauty and assets is extremely remote.  Feeling more at times like a western state, 3 large mountain ranges separate us from the “lowlands” of the Shenandoah Valley.  And then we have to cross the Blue Ridge to drop down into the populous areas of Virginia.  Not exactly the farm next door!

Well the time has come for us to bring Highland and our offerings to the consumer.  We realized that we need to make it convenient for our customers to buy on a regular basis- not just when they visit the farm (we love having you), come up to the mountains for a weekend, or stop by the local farmer’s market.  We want our customers to have regular access to our great food, and be able to pick it up all year long from local pick up spots.

So we set out to build an on-line shopping experience that will make it a breeze to pre-order your products in modestly sized bundles or individual cuts.  As a result, our new website and on line shopping experience is born!

Just select your favorite pick up spot and then with the click of a few buttons, you can pre-order and then continue to add to or edit your orders all the way up to delivery time. We will offer secure payment via credit cards through Paypal services.  And then with our new Riven Rock Farm delivery van, we will roll to meet our customers close to their communities to deliver the orders on a regular basis. 

So stay tuned as we unveil the new shopping site in the coming weeks, furnish details and finalize hosts for each town.  There will be several pick up locations to choose from! 

Our mountain region has tremendous soils, fantastic grasses and clovers, clean air and water.  So we are blessed to be able to produce delicious grass fed beef, lamb, and pastured pork and in 2018- pastured heritage poultry from our partners at Fireside Farm. Now we are committed to helping our customers push the easy button. 

 From the top of Virginia to your table,

 Chuck and Lou Ann Neely


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