From the Top of Virginia- Bringing convenience to our customers

December 11, 2017


Buying clean, local, pastured meats and local farm products from the top of Virginia needs to easier.  We have learned this over the last five years, as our farm has grown and shaped itself into a viable, fertile production model. 

 But let’s face it, Highland County, for all its stunning beauty and assets is extremely remote.  Feeling more at times like a western state, 3 large mountain ranges separate us from the “lowlands” of the Shenandoah Valley.  And then we have to cross the Blue Ridge to drop down into the populous areas of Virginia.  Not exactly the farm next door

Our mountain region has tremendous soils, fantastic grasses and clovers, clean air and water.  So we are blessed to be able to produce delicious grass fed beef and lamb.  

 From the top of Virginia to your table,

 Chuck and Lou Ann Neely


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