100% Grass Based Farming and Land Stewardship

Riven Rock and our partner producers work in truly holistic grazing systems. By rotating cattle and sheep to fresh grass daily, and following them with poultry flocks, as well as deploying multi-species grazing techniques, the animal impacts work in harmony with nature.  This holistic management system promotes fertility, microbial activity and healthy topsoil.  The livestock actually help heal the land and increase fertility.  This creates nutrient dense foods.

Chemical Free Farms 

We never spray herbicides or pesticides.
No growth hormones, steroids, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
Not only do we not use hormones, preventative antibiotics, or steroids.  We never use medicated feeds.  In rare cases we will use an antibiotic, if the life of the animal is in danger, and as a last resort.  This is in keeping with the ethical, humane treatment of all our livestock.  That animal is removed from our food programs.

Non-GMO and Non-soy

Our pigs, chickens and turkeys are omnivores and derive much of their nutrition from our pastures and woodlots, eating grasses, clovers, acorns, apples, bugs, roots and vegetation.  We do supplement with non-GMO, local feeds- custom milled for their optimum nutrition.

Humane Treatment of Our Livestock

All of our producers adhere to humane protocols, our animals are treated with the utmost respect and care throughout their lives. We encourage you to visit the farms and see the difference.