100% Grass Based Farming and Land Stewardship

Riven Rock and our partner producers work in truly holistic grazing systems. By rotating cattle and sheep to fresh grass as well as deploying multi-species grazing techniques, the animal impacts work in harmony with nature.  This holistic management system promotes fertility, microbial activity and healthy topsoil.  The livestock actually help heal the land and increase fertility.  This creates nutrient dense foods.

Chemical Free Farm 

We never spray herbicides or pesticides.
No growth hormones, steroids, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
Not only do we not use hormones, preventative antibiotics, or steroids.  We never use medicated feeds.  In rare cases we will use an antibiotic, if the life of the animal is in danger, and as a last resort.  This is in keeping with the ethical, humane treatment of all our livestock.  Some misinformed people argue that eating meat destroys the planet and that replacing meat protein with soy is a good alternative.  Its true that the industrialized meat system, and all the mono-culture grain production that supports it are bad for the planet and your health.  But the alternative- forage based farms practicing holistic grazing has astounding benefits for human health, the animals and helps sequester carbon.  This slows down climate change.
Soy crops are probably the most destructive of all the mono-crops. They rob the soil of nutrients without giving back, they’re one of the most pesticide laden crops and are almost all genetically modified. The major part of it goes to feed livestock, who get sick eating it. Some factory produced cuts of meat are now injected with extra soy. This is yet another reason to stay clear of factory-farmed animals: save yourself and the environment from soy.

Humane Treatment of Our Livestock

Our animals are treated with the utmost respect throughout their entire life.