We have worked hard to find the right "hill cattle" genetics for our mountain climate and pastures.  We wanted cattle that produced exceptional beef with 100% grass based finishing.  The cattle also needed to be low input, and tough as nails in order to handle our cold, windy, winters.  They also need to be efficient mountain grazers and be moderate in frame size, so that they yield marbled, tender beef.  


We initially selected Belted Galloway cattle and then also added 100% grass fed, solid Galloway genetics to our herd. Both Belted and White Galloways are used here at Riven Rock Farm in our maternal herd.  Over the last 6 years we have realized the benefits of hybrid vigor by cross breeding our Galloways with smaller framed, Aberdeen Angus bulls to produce our bulletproof version of 100% grass-fed "hill cattle".   We have breeding stock available some years.  We are continually striving to improve our herd and focus on performance on mountain grasses and climates.