We are Chuck and Lou Ann Neely.  We founded Riven Rock Farm in 2009.  We are located in beautiful Highland County, Virginia. The farm business was born out of a passion to raise clean, nutrient dense, 100% grass-fed meat; to practice chemical free, regenerative agriculture and to re-connect to the land.  Our highlands are known for incredible grazing and cool season grasses, which are rich with limestone minerals. These mountainous grazing farms, when combined with the clean, spring fed waters and cool summer temperatures, create the perfect environment for execellent 100% grass fed meat.

 After thirteen years of direct to consumer and retail meat sales, we have decided to adjust our business plan and no longer offer these options.  Instead, we are focusing on our lodging and fly fishing on our pristine mountain waters. 

Riven Rock is comprised of 200 acres of hardwood forests, mountain meadows, and high sweeping pastures. We get asked a lot about the name "Riven".  This ancient Gaelic word "Riven" means- to split or shatter- and we certainly have our share of split rock formations, cliffs and caves here in our forests and ridges.  Lou Ann and I also find our ancestral roots in rocky western Scotland- where our ancestors were farmers in the windswept, hilly regions of Galloway and Ayrshire.  

Located at close to 3,000 feet in elevation, our summer temperatures are a refreshing change from the "lowlands". Come stay with us at Laurel Run Cabin, or Rainbow Springs retreat lodge and refresh your spirit while you enjoy the farm and the surrounding Highlands of Virginia.  

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